Load Balancing NGINX on Microsoft Azure

NGINX is a high-performance webserver designed to handle thousands of simultaneous requests and has become one of the most deployed web server platforms on the Internet. Kemp LoadMaster can bring resilience and scalability to your NGINIX environment on Microsoft Azure with an easily deployable load balancer that can service millions of active connections in a highly available configuration.

LoadMaster on Microsoft Azure provides an easy and cost-effective way to load balance NGNIX servers with subscription (PAYG) and permanent (BYOL) licensing options. For small workloads (<20Mbps) we offer a totally free load balancer which can be used for test, DevOPS or even production workloads.

Simply visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to find the best solution for NGINX Load Balancing on Microsoft Azure.

Configuring Load Balancing for NGINX on Microsoft Azure

The LoadMaster documentation set provides guidelines on how to deploy and configure a LoadMaster appliance to load balance NGNIX on Microsoft Azure.


LoadMaster Features

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing
  • NGNIX health checking
  • NGINX template to simplify and speed setup
  • High performance reverse proxy
  • SSL offload for NGINX
  • Content switching
  • 24x7 Support

Load Balancing Features for NGINX

  • SSL Offload – LoadMaster can offload the SSL processing workload from the NGINX servers and also provide a single point of administration for SSL certificates and security
  • DDOS Protection – LoadMaster includes a snort compatible engine to offer DDOS protection for NGNIX servers
  • Authentication – The Edge Security Pack in LoadMaster provides comprehensive authentication and single sign-on services for NGNIX
  • Reverse Proxy – LoadMaster can act as a reverse proxy for NGNIX environments
  • Caching and Compression – LoadMaster uses caching and compression as a way to improve NGNIX performance
  • SSL Redirect – Redirection of all non-HTTPS requests to HTTPS
  • Intelligent Session Persistence – Multiple options available to ensure clients are load balanced to the same server for the session lifetime
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) – The LoadMaster WAF for NGNIX provides application level protection from common and day-zero vulnerabilities
  • Global Load Balancing (GSLB) – Load balance NGNIX across multiple physical locations including cloud to provide disaster recovery failover and geo-aware traffic distribution

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