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I would like to increase the throughput for traffic going to and from my virtual service. Does the LoadMaster support interface bonding? How would I set this up?

The LoadMaster has the ability to bond its interfaces together to provide for additional throughput as well as redundancy. LoadMaster supports two styles of bonding: 802.3ad and Active-Backup.

To configure an interface for use with bonding:

  1. Navigate to the lowest indexed interface you wish to use on the LoadMaster's web interface.
  2. Click on the Interface bonding button and you will be prompted if you would like to create a bond on this interface This will turn your eth* to bnd*
  3. Configure the bonded interface with addressing
  4. To add interfaces or to modify the bond type click Bonded Devices.
  5. You can select the style of bonding you like from the Bonded Devices page
    • 802.3ad – True bonding which aggregates the bandwidth of multiple interfaces. Both interfaces must connect to the same switch and the switch ports must be configured to support this.
    • Active-Backup – This style of bonding allows for link redundancy but does not aggregate the bonded interfaces. Each link can be connected to a different switch for full redundancy. No switch configuration is required for this.

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