Choosing a Load Balancer: A Buyer’s Guide to Success

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Digital infrastructure has become essential to many parts of modern life. It’s hard to think of anything that digital delivery doesn’t touch in some way – shopping, banking, healthcare, entertainment, news, remote working. The list goes on and on. This trend was already accelerating across the business landscape before the pandemic occurred and supercharged digital service uptake.

This acceleration in the uptake of digital services means more businesses need to ensure their applications and other online web-based services are performing well and available 24/7. Providing a positive application experience across the board is ensured by deploying load balancers to control traffic flow to applications. We won’t go into what a load balancer does in this post. But if you need an overview, then this page covers What is Load Balancing.

Choosing a Load Balancer

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a load balancing solution. Not only are there choices between hardware load balancers, virtual load balancers, and full-featured cloud load balancers, but there are also options delivering all these from many separate vendors.

Navigating the options available can be tricky, but making the right decision based on your application’s unique requirements is essential. To help organizations navigate this topic, Progress Kemp held a webinar on the subject and also published a free eBook titled “The Load Balancing Buyer’s Guide 2022.”

What you will learn in the eBook:

  • How to identify the business goals of the application
  • How to understand the features and capabilities required from a load balancing solution
  • How to identify price versus value based on function and capability
  • How to compare vendor offerings using third-party insights

Download The 2022 Load Balancing Buyer’s Guide

The webinar is available on-demand. The webinar is available at Choosing a Load Balancer: A Buyer’s Guide to Success. You may also download a free copy of the Load Balancing Buyer’s Guide here.

Both the webinar and the eBook have the information you need to start and complete the process of evaluating your load balancing needs. We won’t replicate the info they contain. We highly recommend you spend an hour watching the webinar and then use the processes in the eBook to document your needs. This will help you choose the correct vendor and product to deliver an optimal application experience for your users.

We Are Here to Help

Obviously, we hope that you decide to adopt Progress Kemp LoadMaster as your load balancer of choice. We are here to help you if you have any questions about load balancing in general or the LoadMaster solutions in particular.

Download a copy of the guide today, watch the webinar recording, and then contact sales or your local third-party Progress Kemp distributor if you have any other questions.

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