Configuration Management

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Application Lifecycle Management Simplified

Simplify and accelerate the deployment and maintenance of applications and digital certificates across cloud and hypervisor platforms

Delivering the Application Experience

Configuration management enables consistent and agile configuration of applications to easily meet the challenge of delivering the best possible Application Experience (AX) for users through minimized scheduled and unscheduled downtime and rapid provisioning of application delivery capacity.

Accuracy and Consistency

Using configuration management reduces downtime due to manual configuration errors. A simple typo or transcription error can bring down your production systems and prove difficult to diagnose. With configuration management, configuration changes can be tested before production and once validated, deployed to production exactly as defined.

Speed and scalability

Manual configuration of live systems is slow and not scalable when multiple systems need to be updated. Automated deployment of configurations is fast and can be used to apply changes across multiple systems in a much shorter timeframe. With configuration management, the change is made once and then automatically applied to all devices using that profile.

Service Availability

Even with the best of testing, newly deployed configurations can impact on service availability and performance. With configuration management, newly applied settings may be quickly rolled back to a known good configuration, minimizing the time to recover to normal and expected service.

Certificate Management

One of the most common causes of service outage is certificate expiry. Configuration management offers a centralized certificate repository with notification of certificate expiry, automatic certificate renewal and automated updating of certificates. This removes the risk of service outages and reduces the operational overhead of certificate maintained across multiple devices.

Change Control

Tracking when changes are implemented and by whom can be difficult even in the smallest of environments. Configuration management provides an audit of what changes were made, when the changes were made and who actioned the change. Having this centralized log of configuration changes not only simplifies audit and compliance but simplifies issue diagnosis.

Deploy and redeploy version managed profiles to any cloud or hypervisor to avoid human error

Simplify the challenge of certificate expiry, renewal and deployment across all application delivery assets

Easily scale server resources and apply to all applications that are deployed to use the pool

Implement changes across all load balancers with consistency and speed regardless of the number of devices.

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