We are Kemp

We are ambitious. We are bringing multi-cloud application experience to life for our clients. We are on an exciting journey to build a game-changing brand. Download our Brand Pack, including our Brand Guidelines, Font Kit and Logos Pack here.

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The Kemp Logo

Kemp elevates application experience and it is this idea that inspired our logo. The yellow sub-layer evokes Kemp as the cornerstone of application experience and enterprise success, using invisible technology to provide a visible impact. The elevated squares not only reflect multi-cloud, but also microservices and container-hosted application workloads. The logo is comprised of two elements, the brand marque and word marque.

Brand MarqueWord MarqueKemp Master Logo

Logo Usage

The primary logo configuration is a two-colour lockup using Kemp Yelllow and Kemp Grey. If the logo appears on Kemp Yellow then the logo should be composed using White and Kemp Dark Grey. When the logo appears on Kemp Grey it should be composed using Kemp Yellow and White.

Secondary Logo Usage

A single colour version of our logo should only be used when a coloured background is limiting the application or legibility of the two colour lock up. In such cases the monocolour logo should be either White or Kemp Grey.


Our typeface is an integral part of both our visual and verbal communication. The typeface chosen to support the Kemp brand is Source Sans Pro. It is simple and elegant, yet robust and flexible.

The typeface has been chosen for its durability, readability and flexibility. It is from Google Fonts, meaning it extends across all brand applications, both print and digital. It is paramount that all brand applications utilise the Source Sans Pro typeface.

Download the Font Kit

Source Sans Pro ExtraLight

Source Sans Pro ExtraLight Italic

Source Sans Pro Light

Source Sans Pro Light Italic

Source Sans Pro Regular

Source Sans Pro Italic

Source Sans Pro Semibold

Source Sans Pro Semibold Italic

Source Sans Pro Bold

Source Sans Pro Bold Italic

Source Sans Pro Black

Source Sans Pro Black Italic

Color Palette

Primary Colors

Rooted in our master logo are the Kemp yellow and grey. Along with clear white these colours form the key components of our primary colour palette. Our primary palette gives the strongest impression of our brand and should form 60-70% of our overall brand application.


Kemp White



Kemp Yellow



Kemp Grey


Secondary Colors

Chosen to accentuate and work in tandem with our primary colours, this range allows us to embellish devices such as feature copy blocks, drop-quotes, underlines, divider lines and colour blocks.Our secondary palette is intended to support the primary palette, not replace it. Applcations should feature no more than 30-40% usage of this palette.


Kemp Indigo



Kemp Purple



Kemp Coral



Kemp Seagreen



Kemp Ice