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Kemp Load Balancer Features

Any Application, Any Network

Optimized application templates, intelligent content switching, and application-aware traffic steering over TCP/UDP ensure users obtain the best application experience.

Connecting Multiple Sites, Clouds

Multi-data center and multicloud resilience by leveraging service resource awareness and DNS traffic steering across geographically distributed pools based on business-defined logic.

Continuous Attack Mitigation

Protect apps against common and emerging threats with daily rule updates, including defense from injection of untrusted data, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure, and more.

Best F5, Citrix Replacement

Kemp LoadMasters reduce the cost and complexity of F5 and Citrix by providing simplified deployment options with 4-times the throughput for every dollar spent.

Right Sizing, No Over-provisioning

Cluster appliances to address increasing capacity requirements or unpredictable workloads, while also gaining ultra-resilience to avoid service interruptions.

Defense-in-depth, Compliance

The Kemp Edge Security Pack (ESP) provides multi-factor and pre-authentication services (LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, SAML), and FIPS 140-2 support with ultra-fast SSL/TLS.


Testen Sie unseren Virtuellen LoadMaster VLM-MAX, der einen unbegrenzten Anwendungsdurchsatz und SSL-TPS bietet. Die erreichte Leistung ist abhängig von den zugewiesenen Systemressourcen. Die Testversion umfasst unseren preisgekrönten technischen Telefonsupport sowie Hilfe bei der Konfiguration und Bereitstellung.



Testen Sie jeden unserer Hardware LoadMaster kostenlos. Testen Sie das Modell, das am besten zu Ihren Anforderungen und Ihrer Umgebung passt. Wenn es Ihnen gefällt, schicken wir Ihnen eine Lizenz. Falls nicht, schicken Sie das Gerät einfach zurück!

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Die Cloud LoadMaster von Kemp sind für Hybrid- und Public-Cloud-Bereitstellungen optimiert und für Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services und VMware vCloud Air erhältlich.

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Easy to Deploy and Configure

Our products are easy to deploy, use and scale. Period.

Built for the Multi-Cloud

Kemp pioneered virtual load balancers and continues to lead the way with broad hypervisor support and unique cloud products.

Superb Customer Support 24/7

In a Zendesk support survey Kemp has a 99% satisfaction rate.

Lower Cost per GB and SSL TPS

Kemp LoadMaster leads the industry with the best throughput and SSL TPS per $

Platform Ubiquity

Kemp LoadMaster supports more platforms: hardware, virtual, cloud or bare metal on HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu and Oracle.


Kemp Rated #1 in Load Balancing

See why Kemp received the highest satisfaction score from customers in the Load Balancing Product Category.

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We had our biggest day ever with 167 million visits and the platform handled it brilliantly.

Clifford Cohen, Chief Information Officer, ASOS

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#1 Rated Load Balancer on Leading Customer Review Sites

Kemp is rated higher than the competition based on real-world customer feedback.

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“The deployment of the Virtual Loadbalancer it's easy like 1-2-3.”

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Kemp bewertet mit 4,7 von 5 in Application Delivery Controllern

"Excellent product and value for money."


Compare Kemp to F5 and Citrix

When comparing load balancers, throughput and SSL capacity are among the most important metrics to review to ensure optimal application performance. Kemp LoadMasters deliver scalability, security and high performance across virtual, hardware and cloud platforms, enabling customers to build and scale applications in the environment that makes the most sense for their business and customer needs. Simple and flexible licensing combines the right features and performance capabilities together to provide customers with solutions required to support the critical infrastructure that runs their business.

Learn about how Kemp compares to F5 and Citrix.


Helpful Resources

Check out the Kemp library for extensive technical information for all your Load Balancing needs.

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