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Why KEMP Technologies Should be Included in Every Server Load Balancer Shortlist

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Those responsible for deciding on the technologies to purchase and implement their organization’s infrastructure face a lot of pressure. There are not only technical but also business implications involved in each of these decisions. This equally applies when making decisions on server load balancing and application delivery solutions to be implemented.

Every customer researching server load balancing technologies should include the award-winning KEMP LoadMaster on their shortlist for evaluations. Here’s why…

You’re In Good Company

KEMP’s LoadMaster application delivery controllers are used by some of the world’s largest organizations and agencies specializing in industries ranging from banking & finance to natural resource production to space study and defense. This has resulted in a number of compelling real-world case studies that may mesh with your expectations based on environmental similarities. The high availability provided by every LoadMaster ensures continuous operation of line of business applications critical to production and instills confidence in the deployment.

Support for a Variety of Platforms

With KEMP, you have a full choice of server load balancers to suit the needs of whatever type of infrastructure you are leveraging:

  • KEMP’s Purpose-built Hardware Load Balancers deliver deterministic performance with the use of dedicated high-performing hardware platforms and ASICs capable of offloading demanding server processing tasks.
  • KEMP’s Virtual Load Balancers provide the ability to deploy server load balancing services on a number of virtual platforms including Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox. This allows the server load balancer to benefit from the scalability and elasticity of the underlying platform hypervisor.
  • KEMP’s Cloud Load Balancers offer the benefit of delivering the intelligent Layer 7 application delivery services that are available in on premise deployments in cloud environments such as Windows Azure as well.
  • KEMP’s Bare-Metal Load Balancers comprise of optimized OS versions of the LoadMaster product that customers can couple with their own specialized proprietary hardware platforms such as the Cisco Unified Computing System B-series and C-series servers.

Thanks to the core feature set, management interface and GUI being identical across all LoadMasters, what you learn through a free evaluation of one product can be fully applied to the product you end up purchasing and deploying even if it differs in platform.

Top Notch Support Services

KEMP Technologies’ focus on load balancing and application delivery has resulted in unparalleled support for over 16,000 customer deployments. This support is available during the pre-sales and evaluation phase without cost or commitment. The purchase of any LoadMaster includes 5×10 support, maintenance and upgrades in the purchase price for the 1st year. 24/7 support as well as advance and on-site replacement can also be added.

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