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What you should know now about SDN & Load Balancers


Are you Planning a Private Enterprise Cloud? KEMP Technologies is pleased to offer you this complimentary Gartner Enterprise Research detailing what you should know now about SDN & Load Balancers.

Report Excerpt….

Enterprises Planning Private Clouds Should Include Software-Defined Networking with Major Network Changes

The migration to server virtualization and the evolution to private clouds require agile workload provisioning and large virtualized server resource pools for workload mobility. Traditional network solutions will inhibit private clouds if network architects are unable to meet these requirements.


  • Private cloud solutions require network architectures and operational agility that network architects can’t deliver via traditional data center networks.
  • Network fabrics have been introduced to improve the network architecture, but they constrain virtual server resource pooling, and they do not offer network managers sufficiently improved operational agility.
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) is emerging with the promise of flexible workload mobility as well as programmatic configuration and control, which will assist network architects in meeting the needs of private clouds better than traditional alternatives…

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