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Azure Application Deployment and URL Rewrite – Unigo.com

url rewrite and content switch network diagram for azure/cloudThere’s nothing like hearing directly from a customer to help to put a product or solution into context. In a recent Microsoft Infopedia webinar, KEMP Technologies’ customer Roody Dennis, Director of QA & Operations at Unigo, joined us to discuss how he’s using KEMP Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) for Azure to support Unigo’s customer-facing web infrastructure. We began the session with an overview of VLM for Azure, including a brief description of several of our capabilities that extend and enhance Azure’s native load balancing features. We went on to discuss a few common use cases, and then we focused on Roody and Unigo’s specific experience with KEMP.

We zeroed in on how Unigo leverages KEMP’s Azure solution to achieve a seamless and cohesive experience for its users by integrating several different Azure-powered applications and services into its website with our URL re-write (aka content switching) capabilities. Listen in to the recorded webinar as Roody discusses the benefits of VLM for Azure from both a URL re-write/content switching and also from a lifecycle manage perspective (hint: it makes website changes and rollbacks virtually effortless). The webinar also includes a demo by KEMP’s Kurt Yung, showing just how simple it is to manage URL re-write in an Azure environment.

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URL re-write/content switching demo portion of the webinar, click here.

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