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Upcoming Technical Preview – SAML

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML-based language used for secure authorization, authentication and has become the de facto method for modern web applications and federated identity deployments. By separating authentication from the application as well as removing the need for credentials to be passed during initial logon, SAML enables a more secure method for the exchange of authentication and authorization data between parties. In a SAML operation there are several roles and components involved – three key ones are listed below:


Statements about authentication attributes and authorization used as decision information to control access to resources

IdP (Identity Provider)

Asserts the identity of a user looking to gain access to resources

SP (Service Provider)

Consumes the assertion and passes the identity information to the application

KEMP will soon be releasing a technical preview of capabilities that allows LoadMaster™ to participate in SAML authentication as an SP for protected workloads. This tech preview will be focused on scenarios where Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS™) is being used as the IdP. With this tech preview, KEMP is seeking to engage with customers to gain early feedback as well as gather more insight on practical use cases for SAML in their environments.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Security plays a big role in comprehensive application delivery and we’re focused on helping customers to secure their published applications by simplifying integration and federation of environments with distributed clients that require SSO.

More details on how to get access to this technical preview as well as resources to support you during evaluation will be provided over the coming weeks. Current projected availability for this Tech Preview is scheduled for July 20*.

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