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Upcoming Technical Preview – HTTP/2

is the next major version of the HTTP protocol. While HTTP methods, status codes and language are preserved from HTTP/1.x, this version is a completely new implementation concept and brings many performance improvements, perceived latency enhancements and better resource utilization within reach of application and network designers

HTTP2KEMP introduced HTTP/2-ready Virtual Services at the beginning of this year which allows for end-to-end HTTP/2 streams to be handled by LoadMaster™ for basic load balancing and application delivery services. This is the next step of evolution, allowing LoadMaster to proxy HTTP/2 network conversations as well as apply the use of advanced services such as L7 URL rewriting and web application firewalling on 2.0 services. With this tech preview, KEMP is seeking to engage with customers to gain early feedback as well as get more insights on practical use cases for HTTP/2 in their environments.

KEMP is committed to helping customers achieve optimized Quality of Experience and performance for deployed web applications. HTTP/2 is poised to be the future of the internet and web application architecture and will serve as a key enabler for improved application UX.More details on how to get access to this technical preview as well as resources to support you during evaluation will be provided over the coming weeks. Current projected availability for this Tech Preview is scheduled for July 20*.

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