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UC Architects: Big Fans, Friends and now we’re Sponsors

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If you’re involved in the unified communications field then you have probably run across UC architects at some point. Whether its from their twitter feed or there podcast they have become well known as one of the “go to” information sources about what’s going on in the unified communications arena.

Here at KEMP we’ve long been fans of the show and we’ve been delighted to run into the guys at several events. We think they really do a fantastic job of covering the vendors events and general goings on in the space. They’re good fun too.

We’re more than delighted to have sponsored their January 6th show where they talk about a range of issues from security patches through to changes in different software environments and what they mean for you as a Unified communications professional using these tools. It’s a good show.

At KEMP we believe in contributing to the UC community in a meaningful way and supporting the UC architect podcast is one great way of doing that. Make sure you tune in. 🙂

Check out the podcast here on their website!



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