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The Right Vantage Point is Everything in Application Support

Let’s face it. Operations work isn’t easy. Supporting applications means that operators are always on the hook for assuring the end-user experience is optimal and that any issues are communicated. Mission critical application server running slowly? They’ll hear about it from an executive sooner than their monitoring platform will catch it, then the clock starts ticking. What comes next is the fire fight: identify the problem, remediate, discover root cause, there might even be a vendor call for further assistance. In the background, their users are chasing them, pinging them over chat, and routinely stopping by their desk. To make matters worse their monitoring tools seldom tell them how to fix the issue, so they may have to wait on hold or navigate a vendor’s phone tree to talk to someone who has a solution. It’s a war-room like atmosphere to be in where operators are attempting to solve technical problems while communicating awareness.

The great thing about a load balancer is its prime position to help simplify this scenario. It’s aware of the end-user experience because it’s serving the end-users. It’s in constant contact with application servers, aware of their health and availability. Just like the operator, it’s in the middle of the traffic, managing the flow of information.

Enter KEMP 360 Vision. With Vision, a LoadMaster can detect application impacting activity. Vision understands an application’s different states and learns about what is and isn’t normal. When things start to go sideways Vision will alert the operator and communicate details about the issue. While the operators is learning a KEMP support engineer will start digging into the details of the problem. Suddenly, the operator has a teammate who specializes in application delivery there to help troubleshoot the problem and resolve it faster.

Learn more about KEMP 360 Vision Here: Application Performance Monitoring and Visibility

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