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The only ADC/Load Balancing solutions provider with Dual Microsoft Gold Certification in Messaging & Communications

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Today we announced something a lot of people don’t really know about us. People know we’re committed to Microsoft enterprise products, but what they don’t realise is the depth of that commitment.

Going for Gold

The announcement is about our dual gold certification by Microsoft in Messaging and Communications. We are the only application delivery solutions vendor to have that dual gold certification. Yes you read that correctly, we are the only one. The first and unique. To gain these certifications, KEMP underwent a rigorous approval process by Microsoft, which included technology and product testing for the application delivery controllers (ADCs), submitting independent customer references and reaching specific sales training levels. We went through the mill and came out the other side so you could be sure that, when you need an ADC or load balancing solution for your Microsoft messaging or communications software, you can turn to KEMP with confidence.

The Product – Loadmaster

The LoadMaster combines versatility with ease-of-use and speed of deployment and integrates seamlessly with Exchange and Lync. It intelligently and efficiently distributes user traffic, and offloads and accelerates Layer 7 applications to optimize web and application servers, ensuring that users receive the best possible experience. Our superb Loadmaster products allow us to deliver enterprise class performance with features such as SSL offload and SSL acceleration, comprehensive health checking, IPS security and application acceleration. All things that are necessary to the enterprise IT experience, especially across Microsoft messaging and communication products.


We here at KEMP have a huge commitment to the Microsoft platform. Recently we’ve strengthened that commitment, to the platform and to customers, by certifying our pre- and post-support engineers on Microsoft platforms.

“KEMP brings a high level of support and a comprehensive solution to its customers in order to meet their technological needs today and tomorrow. This new Gold status from Microsoft gives customers access to premium assistance, expertise and leading-edge tools for ultimate service satisfaction.” – Tim Quinn, Director of Strategic Partnerships, KEMP Technologies

We have a long history of delivering load balancing and application delivery solutions optimized for Microsoft workloads. We’re deployed by many clients for Lync Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Remote Desktop, ADFS and others. Our Exchange and Lync certifications highlight our ability to offer award-winning hardware and software-based solutions dedicated to providing ease-of-use and high availability on the latest Microsoft Exchange and Lync platforms.

Talk to us

Come talk to us about your needs in messaging and communication, or check out some of the links below to find out more about load balancing with KEMP and the various Microsoft products, or how to test our products for yourself.

Useful links

Find out more about Load balancing Microsoft Exchange with KEMP.

Find out more about Load balancing Microsoft Lync with KEMP.

Download a FREE trial of the our Virtual LoadMaster

Get a FREE hardware LoadMaster unit to try in your own environment




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