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The IT industry is changing…and so is KEMP’s channel strategy


Today’s businesses are focusing on maintaining an IT infrastructure that’s secure, easy to scale, flexible and as agile as possible. With the rise of cloud computing and the increasing need for customers to have their IT pain-points addressed, vendors and their channel ecosystem are transitioning from “selling products and solutions” to “providing business outcomes”. Those business outcomes often range anywhere between CAPEX and OPEX reduction, business growth, continuity, agility and last but certainly not least, security.

We’re seeing an increasing number of service providers, such as Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, Strategic Service Providers and alike (the so-called xSPs), fulfilling the newly emerging needs of businesses. To meet these customer requirements, KEMP and its channel has transitioned from traditional software sales to a more flexible sales & channel strategy.

The transformation does not only require a change in ADC solutions, but also a change in the way we’re doing business. Easy consumption is key, and with that, KEMP is transitioning its channel strategy to accommodate new pricing, consumption and engagement models with its key partners.

These changes are reflected in KEMP’s newly launched partner webpages, which no longer defines channel as “resellers”, but instead acknowledges the various types of its key channel partners, including Systems Integrators, Solution Consultants, xSPs and more. The new web content, along with the introduction of KEMP 360 (which allows for flexible, metered licensing) reflects KEMP’s commitment to its customers and channel partners.

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