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We’re taking our SDN Adaptive to the next level


With the momentum behind SDN beginning to pick up post hype-cycle trough, it’s important that vendors begin to demonstrate the real value that is derived from this technology. Having a programmable network with no automation nor intelligent programming on behalf of the application and client really defeats the purpose of SDN. The applications that ride above the control layer and work on behalf of the hosted applications, the flows, and clients accessing those applications are the real sources of the use cases and benefits for SDN.

For KEMP, this means taking advantage of the fact that their layer 4-7 services already sit in the data path and communicate directly with the hosted applications, clients, and controllers. Being in the middle of the flow path like this, and having the intelligence to understand what the client is requesting, what the hosted application is providing, what the health and performance of both look like, and having a relationship with the SDN controller at a level that provides further intelligence about the health and performance of the underlying switch infrastructure, places the KEMP application delivery products in a very good position to make more informed and proactive decisions about flows coming in and out of the services being provided in the data center.

KEMP will be participating at the upcoming ONF SDN and Openflow World Congress in Dusseldorf, October 12 -16. We will be demonstrating live, the SDN Adaptive Quality of Service functionality that is available within the virtualized LoadMaster application delivery platform.

KEMP will demonstrate our integration of network infrastructure level intelligence coupled with application centric load balancing and quality of service (QoS) controls to prioritize application flow traffic of high importance through the SDN network. This demonstration will show a video stream from one server without SDN Adaptive QoS turned on. We will then introduce typical East-West traffic (server-to-server) and show the impact. We will then repeat the scenario with SDN Adaptive QoS turned on and show them two side by side for comparison.

If you plan to attend the ONF show in Dusseldorf, please be sure and stop by the KEMP booth for a demo and discussions of this innovative technology.



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