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SDN DemoDay – Leveraging Network Visibility for Application User Experience


Join SDxCentral and KEMP Technologies on May 20th at 10:00am PT to learn more about how KEMP Technologies SDN Adaptive™ capabilities can be deployed today to take advantage of your existing network and tomorrows SDN infrastructure.

With SDN well on its way towards the mainstream, especially in Mode 2 environments, customers are more interested than ever in exploring the various use cases it can be applied to in order to solve real life problems such as branch office deployments, edge security, campus networks and the WAN. One area that’s especially important is that of application user experience – after all, the network is there to connect and serve applications in the first place! And while SDN is welcome by most as a departure from the 2+ decade drought of true networking innovation, without a match to real pain points, it’s just a solution looking for a problem.

Product Management experts, Iain Kenney and Jason Dover, will discuss the relevance of SDN to application delivery and demonstrate how their SDN Adaptive technology has been implemented to solve common application network challenges that impact user experience. After watching this demo, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of:

  • How to integrate KEMP into your SDN infrastructure today
  • How SDN can be leveraged for practical application delivery scenarios
  • The importance of joining the dots between networking and application delivery
  • Why application context is key for User Experience

KEMP has been in the application delivery space for over a decade and has been first to market with virtualized application delivery controllers, support for native bare metal operation on x86 platforms and the integration of Layer 4-7 application delivery services with network-centric SDN technologies. KEMP’s SDN Adaptive™ capabilities bridges application traffic steering and security with the network intelligence and visibility that an SDN fabric provides. The result is enhanced application quality of experience (QoE) and SLA satisfaction. This helps businesses get the most out of their network infrastructure and improve the level of satisfaction for customers that are consuming their application services.


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