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SDN Adaptive Traffic Steering is Now Available With the Release of LoadMaster Version 7.1-26

We’re announcing the general availability of LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS) version 7.1-26.

Key features in this release include:

Integrated SDN Adaptive Capabilities
Our first to market SDN Adaptive traffic steering capabilities will enable integration with SDN environments such as OpenDaylight and HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) to provide optimal application quality of experience (QoE). By communicating with HP VAN or OpenDaylight controllers, LoadMaster can marry SDN network intelligence with comprehensive layer 7 application visibility. LoadMaster extracts data about saturation between clients and application servers, and steers traffic through more optimized routes.

Thanks to a better understanding of the application than any other part of the network, the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is the ideal place for the aggregation of application and network visibility. This functionality was originally released in a special Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) package for the HP SDN App Store in the summer of 2014. We’re proud to announce that this set of features is now a standard part of the core LoadMaster product line.

Video: How you can leverage SDN to deliver adaptive load balancing

Java API Wrapper Beta

This new tool will allow Java based applications and frameworks to manage and monitor any LoadMaster. Since many server and orchestration frameworks are Java based, the delivery of a Java API library makes it easy to provision, automate and administer LoadMaster without an uplift to existing processes and frameworks.

System Center VMM Provider GA

With KEMP’s load balancer provider for SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager), virtual infrastructure (VI) administrators can now leverage KEMP load balancer elements in SCVMM Service Templates. The provider uses the LoadMaster REST API (LMAPI), enabling programmatic deployment of application delivery functions helping to shorten time to market for business critical applications.

SCVMM Service Templates are a collection of virtual machines and services deployed and managed as a single entity within the VMM environment and greatly reduce administration overhead. The module enables automatic creation and management of LoadMaster Virtual Services from within the System Center environment as well as configuration of key load balancing options. This includes session persistence and scheduling options which helps administrators expedite the deployment and maintenance of application services.

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