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SAP + KEMP = Secure Access. Period.

SAP CertifiedIn today’s always-on-the-go world, end-users have come to expect the ability to access critical work applications anytime, anywhere, the same way they do with apps that power their personal lives. This has created pressure on IT to make more important applications, like components of the SAP Business Suite, available remotely over the public Internet. At the same time, traditional VPN solutions are falling out of favor due to management complexity and client device heterogeneity among other factors. Just look at how the use of Microsoft DirectAccess solution (yes, we load balance that too – https://kemptechnologies.com/blog/load-balancing-directaccess ) has increased exponentially over the past few years. This has caused end-users to expect secure remote access to all aspects of their work life without the need to logon to a VPN connection.

To provide a similar experience, SAP administrators have been increasingly making their environments available over the public Internet, but there are other drivers. Business units with individual SAP deployments must also interface with each other. Even application services that run in the SAP cloud often must be able to securely connect to SAP environments running on a customer’s premises.

So the question is – how can SAP admins provide this kind of seamless, clientless access while ensuring that their deployments won’t be attacked or compromised by malicious attacks? Enter KEMP Technologies.

With our recently certified SAP integration, SAP customers can now confidently deploy KEMP LoadMaster in a variety of ways (hardware or virtual appliance, or natively on a number of market-leading server platforms) to act as a reverse proxy for their Internet-facing deployments. This provides SAP customers with an easy and cost-effective way to let authorized traffic in while keeping “the bad guys” out. At the same time, LoadMaster ensures that SAP front-end applications are highly available and perform optimally.

So if you’re an SAP admin that’s providing remote access to your environment (either to real end-users or to remote applications and services), take a look at our newly certified offering. Both your users and your shareholders will be glad you did.

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