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Run a KEMP Load Balancer natively in the Cisco UCS fabric – the Cisco IVT Certified LoadMaster for UCS ADC Operating System

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More than 20,000 enterprises worldwide rely on the Cisco UCS platform to deliver a converged data center infrastructure for: computation, network, storage access and virtualization resources for a wide range of applications. No matter what way you cut it that’s a lot of enterprise customers.

We’re a clever bunch here at KEMP and we thought it would be a good idea to actually integrate our ADC & Load Balancing Technology into the Cisco UCS infrastructure itself. Clever eh? Peter Melerud, EVP of Product Management at KEMP Technologies probably says it best.

“KEMP’s LoadMaster for UCS is a game changer in the ADC market. By delivering a full featured ADC running natively inside the UCS fabric, it gives Cisco customers the unique ability to leverage their existing hardware investments while delivering increased application performance. Cisco customers can now leverage existing technology investments and eliminate the need for external third party ADC and Load Balancers.”

We launched it today. Here’s the skinny.

Today we announced the availability of the LoadMaster Operating System (LMOS) Software for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). KEMP’s LMOS for UCS is Cisco IVT Certified (Interoperability Validation Testing) and is the only ADC and Load Balancer Operating system to run natively within the UCS fabric – without requiring a server virtualization hypervisor.

“The KEMP LoadMaster Operating System enhances enterprise application performance and availability by delivering application-aware, L7 traffic management and optimization within the Cisco UCS high-performance Fabric.”

Cisco customers can now install KEMP’s high-performance load balancer operating system on any Cisco UCS server to increase application performance and reduce network traffic congestion through its tight integration with the UCS fabric.

Here are some of the Key Highlights you should expect

  • KEMP’s LMOS-for-UCS is easily installed on a B-series or C-series UCS server as a “host” ADC operating system, leveraging UCS’s high performance compute, I/O and fabric infrastructure.
  • Operating natively within the UCS fabric, The LoadMaster decreases application latency, improving performance and allowing for high-speed communications between server workloads.
  • KEMP LoadMaster for UCS has been approved by Cisco for its SIP (Solution Incentive Program) – providing additional incentives for Cisco’s channel partners.
  • LoadMaster for UCS offers layer 4 and 7 server load balancing, SSL offload and acceleration, data caching and compression, layer-7 Intrusion Prevention System and security features including pre-auth, single sign-on and persistent logging.

Need more information?

We know you’ll want a bit more technical information about the LMOS for UCS you can see more here on our site.

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