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Released: LoadMaster 7.1-28a is now ready

lm500smallWith the July 2015 release of 7.1-28a, LoadMaster addresses some key challenges facing organizations of all sizes with enhancements to the Edge Security Pack(ESP) and a beta version of LoadMaster Clustering. ESP is an alternative to Microsoft Threat Management Gateway which, although an end-of-life product, is still in widespread use providing single sign-on (SS0) and application protection to workloads such as Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). The enhancements to LoadMaster ESP make it easy to replace Microsoft TMG and move to a maintained and supported solution for application protection.

The release also expands Hardware Security Modules (HSM) capabilities with the inclusion of support for the Cavium LiquidSecurity™ family of FIPS 140-2 level 2 and level 3 certified solutions. HSMs offer physical security for key material allowing high security deployments in virtualized and cloud environments and also in regulated sectors such as finance and government. For deployments of virtual LoadMaster in a cloud, access to an HSM addresses the dual requirements of accelerated SSL performance and secure key storage, neither of which are feasible in a virtual machine. This support for Cavium HSM is currently in Beta. To access the Beta program, complete the beta access form.

LoadMaster clustering in 7.1-28a expands on the single-node performance offered by the recent LoadMaster 8000 series appliances with the capability to cluster multiple high-performance appliances together to enable scale-out of load balancing services. LoadMaster clustering is available on selected virtual, appliance and bare-metal platforms with the cluster being managed as a single entity with a common security and workload configuration. The capability to cluster multiple LoadMaster instances to deliver scalable performance offers peace of mind to customers, giving them the knowledge that a LoadMaster deployed today has a well-defined growth path to accommodate even the largest workloads. LoadMaster Clustering has an open Beta available in the 7.1-28a software release with supporting documentation available at https://kemptechnologies.com/loadMaster-documentation/

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