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Peter Melerud discusses KEMP LoadMaster R320 Load Balancer – Built by Dell OEM

In the last few weeks we saw the launch, in collaboration with our partners at Dell OEM solutions, of the LoadMaster R320 load balancer based on the Dell PowerEdge R320 server platform. The video above has our very own EVP of Product Management, Peter Melerud, discussing the R320 at Dell World.

Optimized performance

We’re delighted to be leveraging several Dell OEM Solutions’ capabilities to optimize the end-user experience. These include:

  • The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
  • The integrated Lifecycle Controller

These allow users to manage and monitor the LoadMaster R320 and Dell application servers through a common enterprise management platform.

Improved Customer experience

Customers will easily be able track and receive alerts about hardware issues, perform remote management tasks and minimize the need for physical access to the appliance through out-of-band management,LoadMaster recovery options, user and role-based access, and basic integration with Dell Open Manage Essentials.

Built by Dell

The LoadMaster R320 device is actually built by Dell OEM and we are especially delighted to see how well our technology has integrated with an outside hardware partner. As one of KEMP’s founders Peter Melerud says in the video above our guys have kicked it around in the labs and we are more than impressed with the performance, which is comparable to any of our other LoadMaster hardware units. (We’re the number one price/performance load balancer in the market by the way so that’s no mean feat.)

Servicing the Enterprise

As Peter says in the video, KEMP Technologies’ 15,000+ strong customer base (He says 10,000 in the video but we’re growing fast) have to date been mostly in the SMB market. This partnership with Dell gives enterprise level customers the support network they need to comfortably implement KEMP technology. The Loadmaster R320′s hardware is built by Dell on their PowerEdge Server Platform and obviously this allows a more seamless integration into their support network

Check it out today

If you are running on Dell hardware, or even if you’re not, and have a load-balancing requirement, then this is something you really should check out.



Go here to get more details on the LoadMaster R320






Request hardware unit to test in your environment.



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