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Peak 10 leverages KEMP LoadMaster on Cisco UCS to maximize availability & performance of unified data center environment – Case Study

Executive Summary of the Peak 10 Case Study

  • Customer Name: Peak 10
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Number of Employees: 350


  • Establishing a highly scalable computing environment to meet the growing demand for cloud services
  • Streamlining computing, storage, and network connectivity
  • Maximizing application availability


  • Standardized on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) solutions for streamlined, flexible virtualized environment
  • Used Kemp Technologies LoadMaster Software on Cisco UCS for feature-rich load balancing services


  • Reduced deployment time from over a day to under an hour
  • Achieved 24-hour, cloud-based availability for critical applications
  • Enhanced scalability and disaster recovery

Some highlights from the Peak 10 case study

Leveraging the excellent performance and high density of Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS®) blade servers, Peak 10 creates a flexible, multitenant environment. Cisco® UCS servers provide superb management that can adjust capacity among virtualized servers, and virtualization provides inherent redundancies to operating system environments. However, a large percentage of the company’s customers needed the assurance of guaranteed availability for both planned and unplanned maintenance at the application level.

KEMP a vital part of the solution

“Cisco UCS provides customers with huge benefits through a unified, low-latency environment that streamlines communication paths,” says Tim Quinn, director of strategic partnerships for KEMP Technologies. “We saw an opportunity to boost efficiency by integrating load balancing directly into the fabric and eliminating the need for a separate application on the network.”

A leader in the application delivery controller (ADC) space, KEMP Technologies offered the final piece of the puzzle with its innovative solution, LoadMaster Software. Working from within the Cisco Unified Fabric, LoadMaster Software offers load balancing with the highest possible performance and responsiveness. “We pride ourselves on customer relationships, particularly when it comes to helping our customers meet their needs,” says Seitz. “The solutions from Cisco and KEMP provide us with incredible value for our customers without breaking their budgets.”

The most important tool for load balancing across the virtual servers comes from LoadMaster Software. Taking advantage of the unified Cisco data center environment, LoadMaster Software positions the load-balancing solution directly within
the fabric.

Download the full Cisco case study here (PDF).

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