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Open Tech Ireland | An SDN Gathering

RHKWe are excited to announce our sponsorship of the first Open Tech Ireland event on June 30th in Royal Hospital Kilmainham. A host of international speakers will gather together to discuss, present and participate in the first steps to build an SDN community in Ireland.  With the adoption of software defined networks (SDN) growing rapidly in enterprises , the keynotes from Bethany Mayer, John Healy and Axel Clauberg are sure to highlight the key motivators for us to adapt SDN from different angles/viewpoints

Join us on the day to meet the experts in this field and participate in our community building speed networking sessions where you will have the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with your peers.

With the adoption of software defined networks (SDN) growing rapidly in enterprises , with keynotes from

  • Bethany Mayer, HP
  • John Healy, Intel
  • Axel Clauberg, Deutsche Telekom

Software Defined networking is an approach to computer networking that has evolved over the last 5 years. It is changing how we design, build and operate networks to achieve business agility. With SDN, networks are no longer closed, proprietary, and difficult to program. They are transformed into an open and programmable component of the larger cloud infrastructure. SDN gives network owners and operators more control of their infrastructure, allowing customization and optimization, and reducing the overall capital and operational costs.

Why you should attend this event:

Managing current market requirements is proving more and more difficult with traditional network architectures. Restricting IT managers with an inability to scale, vendor dependence, inconsistent policies and complexity. SDN promises to be dynamic, manageable, cost effective and adaptive making it ideal for the dynamic nature of today’s businesses. The SDN movement is already turning the networking industry upside down in a shift of value from hardware to software. At this event, we will hear from & meet experts in the field who will discuss solutions & real business cases along with the how what and why of SDN.


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