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Notes from CeBIT: Wise words from Talmon Marco – Simon Roach, KEMP CTO

I had a couple of interesting days at CeBIT in Hanover – still the world’s largest, most international and most exhausting (!) computer expo.

Besides some insightful conversations with partners on data center standardization and Northbound APIs to vendor SDN Controller offerings, there were some interesting and inspiring speakers at the Global Conferences in Hall 8.
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I particularly enjoyed Talmon Marco’s (co-founder and CEO of Viber) presentation on some of the challenges of creating and growing Viber.

These were just some of those challenges that resonated particularly well with our own experiences at KEMP:

  • [Product] “Activation is expensive.” Optimizing this process will reap huge benefits at scale.
  • “Things that are easy become complicated with scale.” No comment needed.
  • “It’s easier to optimize when what you do is constant.” Innovation and stability will always be at odds with each other.
  • “Expect the unexpected.” Talmon used the example of App breakage every time a major release of the OS came out.
  • “There are so many Platforms!” His reference here was to the increasing number of Android derivatives, but a challenge we understand well at KEMP with the increasing numbers of platforms (virtual, bare metal, public/private cloud and SDN) we support with our own OS.

So, if you’re in the process of building a rapidly growing software business, then be sure to reflect on Talmon’s words of wisdom.


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