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Microsoft Office 365 overtakes Google Apps

Microsoft-Office-365-overtakes-Google-AppsThere has been a steady trickle of early adopters taking advantage of Cloud based email and Application services from Office 365, Google Apps, and others. New research from Cloud security experts Bitglass, published in their annual Cloud Adoption Report, suggests that this trickle has turned into a flood.

Over the last 12 months the research based on Cloud traffic data from 120,000 organisations shows that use of Office 365 has increased by 300% year on year. Indeed, the data shows that 25.2% of the organisations sampled are using Office 365 services. Up from just 7.7% in the previous year. This significant growth surpassed the more modest gains seen for Google Apps. The Mountain View based company saw steady growth of its Cloud applications services over the period, rising from 16.3% to 22.8% in the latest results.

When combined these figures show that Cloud based applications are no longer a niche part of IT provision. With 48% of organisations using one of the two main providers, Cloud based applications should be considered a part of mainstream IT.

The current uptake provides an opportunity for IT service providers and resellers. With a market penetration approaching half of all organisations there are ample reference sites and case studies available to help sell the services into the remaining 52% of the market. It also provides opportunities in the fast growing Office 365 segment of the market for hybrid deployments with secure Cloud and on-site components. Linking the Cloud and on-site components by deploying Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) running on a KEMP LoadMaster load balancer, operating as an ADFS Proxy, provides single sign on and directory sync across the Hybrid Cloud.

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