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Making Complicated Enterprise Tools Accessible and Flexible for Service Providers

As a service provider you are faced with ensuring the support that you provide to your customers is backed by SLAs. When you are relying on cloud providers and hosted locations that you have little or restricted control over how do you ensure that your service and the experience of your customers is maintained to a standard that befits the contract your customer signs?

Applications or workloads are vital to all companies, be it day-to-day use to ensure that staff and customers are able access the services that are being provided or to complete business critical tasks. Different locations have been suggested and used over recent years meaning that local or cloud locations being used can also increase the time it takes for an application request to be delivered. As a service provider do you support the connection to or do you host these applications for your customers to simplify the management and access to these services and applications? What steps do you take to ensure access is secure and follows company’s protocol or how do you ensure that when a connection is made it is delivered via the best route to the server most suitable to meet the user’s needs, no matter where it is located or on what platform it resides upon.

When accessing applications, you also need to ensure that the correct levels of security are maintained. How are you providing or enforcing security areas such as authentication encryption and reverse proxy? Have recent audits shown a need to include Web Application Firewalls to deliver the additional security level that these services provide? These are other areas that Kemp can support along with Kemp 360 Central providing the needed management of your load balancers wherever they are located, building one central view and management which can be connected to the RMM tools that you already use. These security and management resources allow you to build a complete offering to support your applications no matter where they are located, ensuring security, while maintaining compliance and always-on accessibility. Using tools such as load balancing from Kemp Load Master you can quickly decipher how to deliver world class application experience with resilient, responsive and secure applications for your organisation and customers by taking control of how applications are accessed by users, no matter where they need to connect from or what location or platforms they need to connect to. Kemp presales engineer, Sid Bloodsaw and I discuss these areas and their suitability for service providers with IT business growth expert, Richard Tubb in this video.

No matter what application or the virtual environment that your applications need to be built on, or the location you need to deploy it into, Kemp can ensure that when a connection is requested the best route to deliver that connection is provided. This along with the Kemp 360 Central management will give you the visibility and reporting on the applications and infrastructures you are supporting.

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