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Lync becomes Skype for Business

Skype for BusinessMicrosoft has announced that Lync – the corporate collaboration platform – will become Skype for Business as of the next release due in early 2015. This appears to be a re-branding of Lync with the inclusion of a few Skype client interface elements. These changes will apply to Lync on both Office 365 as well as on-premise deployments. Microsoft has indicated that the Skype upgrade for on-premise

Lync deployments will be as simple as updating the existing Lync server, which suggests that the core product is essentially the same and that the Lync to Skype change is purely brand related. Doubtless the new Skype/Lync release in early 2015 will include product enhancements and new features, but these are enhancements and features that would have appeared in ‘Lync 2015’ anyway.

lync-logoLync administrators can be confident that the change from Lync to Skype will have no more impact than that of a normal upgrade to the latest major release. For Office 365 subscribers, the change should be even more seamless. While the announcement indicated that there would be no new infrastructure requirements, KEMP will ensure that the LoadMaster series of application delivery controllers will offer complete and certified support for Skype for Business from day one.

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