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LoadMaster UI is getting a new look

As part of the continuous development of LoadMaster, KEMP will introduce a redesigned management interface in the next release due at the end of October. The most obvious change is in the overall design which now features an updated color scheme along with some minor regrouping of features under more logical navigation links. Features and configuration flows are essentially the same as in prior version so there is no requirement for retraining.

LoadMaster UI Network Config

Figure 1 – LoadMaster UI Network Config



LoadMaster UI Statistics

Figure 2 – LoadMaster UI Statistics



LoadMaster UI Status

Figure 3 – LoadMaster UI Status



LoadMaster UI Virtual IP config

Figure 4 – LoadMaster UI Virtual IP config



LoadMaster UI VPN Setup

Figure 5 – LoadMaster UI VPN Setup



This new LoadMaster version will also include significant feature enhancements including support for orchestration and management via VMware vRealize Orchestrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I don’t like the new UI can I revert to the previous version?
A. All versions from 7.1-30 onwards will use this new UI and it will not be possible to revert to the old styling

Q. What elements have been moved as part of the change?
A. The network configuration navigation has been changed to consolidate network navigation links

Q. Will the LoadMaster documentation be updated to align with the changed interface
A. Yes. The vast majority of documentation will be updated upon release

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