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Load Balancing for VMware vRealize Operations Manager


VMware remains one of the significant providers of virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure to enable organizations to deliver resilient and performant applications services to their clients and users. VMware initiated the virtualization transition that resulted in the current IT landscape, and they continue to lead and innovate within the space.

Kemp is committed to helping provide the best application experience across the IT industry. As part of this commitment, we work closely with VMware to provide our industry-leading tools for VMware solutions. Kemp is a VMware Elite TAP Partner that delivers Load Balancing software that is VMware Ready for vCloud® Air™ and Log Insight™. Kemp also has software that is optimized for Horizon View and integrated into the latest versions of VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™.

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

VMware vRealize Operations Manager provides intelligent operational insight for system administrators. It makes it easier to automate and manage environments based on defined policies, regardless of the underlying platform. This leads to improved performance, early detection of issues, and enhanced visibility about trends in the environment.

VMware vRealize Operations Manager collects and analyzes performance data, detects anomalies, and provides root cause identification to help pinpoint and mitigate existing and potential problems. It helps to deliver deep operational insights into the health, likely risks, and efficiency of a virtual infrastructure and the applications deployed. It enables organizations to optimize performance, capacity planning, and configuration management over time.

Kemp LoadMaster and vRealize Operations Manager

Kemp LoadMaster is an advanced L4-7 content switching load balancer that enables high availability for applications. It also provides SSL/TLS offloading, intelligent global traffic distribution to direct client requests to the best endpoint, and much more.

The Kemp LoadMaster vRealize Operations Manager management pack makes key performance, health and availability indicators of enterprise-wide Kemp LoadMasters deployed across the cloud or on-premises, visible in vRealize Operations Manager. This integration enables comprehensive monitoring of LoadMaster instances along with all other infrastructure being monitored by vRealize Operations Manager, which simplifies application experience related troubleshooting.

Digging deeper, the Kemp LoadMaster vRealize Operations Manager management pack provides visibility into application performance metrics on deployed LoadMasters as well as the virtual machines that are using the LoadMaster application services. This information provides virtual infrastructure administrators with additional data points to help address application performance issues and identify areas where resource allocations should be adjusted.

Kemp’s management pack for LoadMaster vRealize Operations Manager enables automated discovery of deployed LoadMasters and enables communication with the instances found via our RESTful API. By inventorying characteristics of the instances (virtual servers, real servers, etc.), key LoadMaster-specific metrics can be gathered to determine the health of the overall environment.


Kemp and VMware solutions make ideal combinations. If you use VMware solutions, the Kemp LoadMaster will make your day easier. Visit our VMware solution page on the Kemp website for more info. Alternatively, contact us today if you want to find out more in person.


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