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Load Balancing on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a global cloud platform that includes a broad range of compute, storage and database services that enable organizations to rapidly deploy and scale applications. For organizations that leverage AWS, a major benefit is the application resilience that the widely distributed Amazon infrastructure offers. AWS is delivered from globally distributed data centres (AWS regions), each of which contain multiple zones that can fail independently.

This multi-region and multi-zone approach facilitates the deployment of an application workload across a resilient platform that includes database, network, storage and compute resources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) with KempThis scalable and distributed application infrastructure requires load balancing to ensure that clients are serviced from the best possible region and zone and that any outages are transparent to the client community. AWS includes Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) which, along with the Amazon Route 53 DNS service, offers a scalable, multi-region and multi-zone service to direct client traffic to the best available resources.

While ELB has many features which are sufficient for relatively simple deployments in AWS, there may be application environments which require significantly more functionality from a load balancing service. It is in these situations that the Virtual LoadMaster for AWS (VLM for AWS) from KEMP Technologies excels with a deep and extensive feature set developed over many years. VLM for AWS is a virtualized version of the industry leading LoadMaster application delivery controller that is optimized for the Amazon cloud environment and can be rapidly deployed from the AWS Marketplace.

AWS MarketplaceVLM for AWS offers additional features such as Web Application Firewalling (WAF), content caching, enhanced load balancing and session persistence options. VLM for AWS also integrates with LoadMaster GEO, a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution to allow workloads to be load balanced not just between AWS zones and regions, but also with on-premise services (hybrid cloud).

LoadMaster GEO hybrid load balancing can monitor the health of application instances in AWS and in the data center to support a wide range of scenarios such as cloud bursting and disaster recovery transparently to clients.

Deploy a KEMP Virtual LoadMaster from the AWS Marketplace and take advantage of our 30 day trial to see how you can enhance the delivery of applications.


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