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Live from Vegas, It’s Tuesday night!

AWS Reinvent Las Vegas
Here we are, only day two of AWS re:Invent and so much content already delivered. With over 1,000 sessions, hackathons, workshops, bootcamps, broomball, chicken wing eating contest and a venue that spans the Las Vegas strip, there is no doubt why this is the conference to attend.

Tuesday night was the first keynote delivered by Peter DeSantis, VP, AWS Global Infrastructure and it was all about Innovation at Scale. Peter kicked it off talking about AWS infrastructure and all things near and dear to KEMP’s heart including redundancy, availability, performance, security, connectivity, flexibility and scale. The Keynote went on with how using accelerated computing, machine learning and the overall scale of the cloud is providing customers with the resources to build innovative solutions such as self-driving trucks, enhanced medical imaging and extraordinarily large natural language processing. With new EC2 instances including bare metal, custom ASICs, VMware Cloud on AWS, or teaching the cloud to play Atari Breakout, the possibilities are endless.

Peter went into a deep dive about the importance of Load Balancing and something we here at KEMP tend to agree with. He went on about monitoring, troubleshooting, managing, and scaling these “black boxes” which is something we are passionate about. That is the reason we are providing customers with our platform ubiquity and solutions like KEMP 360 Central to manage and gain insights to the entire ADC infrastructure and KEMP 360 Vision to provide proactive monitoring to detect potential issues before they occur or LoadMaster clustering to allow for massive scale as well as survival in the event of multiple failures. To sum it up, we agree customers need the scale and control to manage their ADC infrastructure and deliver their workloads where ever they may be deployed.

As Peter pointed out, there is no such thing as next-generation cloud. The cloud is constantly evolving and I for one can’t wait to see what’s next.

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