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KEMP’s 15,000th customer: Texas A&M University – Provost IT Office

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We have a lot of respect for the work done by IT departments around the world, whether it’s a sysadmin at a cloud infrastructure company or in the IT department of a major University, it’s pretty thankless work a lot of the time, and while the publicity and respect often goes to silicon valley startups, it’s these guys who keep the lights on and application infrastructure running.

Going Aggie

KEMP CEO Ray Downes outside the 83,000 capacity Kyle Field, the home of Aggie Football.

So when Texas A&M University’s Provost IT office approached us we were more than enthusiastic about helping them out. What they didn’t know at the time, and to be honest we didn’t either, was that they were also our 15,000th customer. A milestone that means quite a lot to us here at KEMP Technologies.

Why they needed KEMP Load Balancing & Application Delivery Solutions

For a famous University like Texas A&M being able to have complete confidence in their IT infrastructure at times of high demand is vital. The KEMP Loadmaster helps them provide high availability within a Hyper-V environment on custom developed applications (asp.net) which ultimately manage the college’s student admissions application processing including financial aid processing (grants).

They have 300 virtual machines that are load balanced by our VLM-1000’s supporting 50,000 students, 3,500 full time researchers and approximately 10,000 university staff. In those circumstances failure of the infrastructure just can’t be countenanced.

Number 15,000!

As you may have seen from our site the 15,000 customer milestone is quite important to us. It reflects our growth around the world and the strength, robustness and value of our product. We’ve recently partnered with Dell and Cisco to bring our technology to the Dell R320 Server and the Cisco UCS series so more people can experience the quality of our products in a native environment. When IT departments try out our products they almost always buy them. There simply isn’t a better load balancer on the market in terms of price/performance.

Aggie for the day

We went down to Texas to meet with our customer and had a great time meeting the team and talking about their issues, growth and development. We filled them in on our growth and product strategy, and talked about how we will best support them in the future. Here is the IT staff with KEMP CEO Ray Downes.

KEMP CEO Ray Downes got to meet the whole team at the Provost IT Office including Victor Delgado, Senior Lead Microcomputer/LAN Administrator, and Juan Garza, VP at Provost Information Technology Office.

What about you?

Every platform, application and organization has a unique set of challenges they need to overcome. Using an application delivery controller or load balancer that is approved by technology partners such as Microsoft (the only product with dual gold certification in messaging and communications), Cisco (our Loadmaster Operating System runs natively inside the Cisco UCS fabric) and Dell (the LoadMaster R320 is based on the R320 Server technology and can be managed centrally by Dell’s management tools), and that is rated as the best price/performance load balancer on the market is great place to start. We think you really should try out our products, first, in your own environment. Seeing is believing. You can try any of our virtual or hardware products for free for 30 days. If you don’t like them, send them back.

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