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KEMP Technologies Country Focus: Load Balancers in Italy

Load Balancer Italy

Load Balancer ItalyHere at KEMP Technologies we produce award winning Network Server Load Balancers. The full range of KEMP load balancers, called LoadMaster, offer leading edge solutions at low prices that were previously considered unimaginable. Thanks to its innovative yet economic products KEMP Technologies has finally allowed small and medium sized businesses in Italy to be able to deploy load balancing appliances or virtual load balancers at a fraction of the cost that their competition demand today.

Load BalancerAbout KEMP Technologies

KEMP Technologies is a company with its HQ in New York, USA. It is a privately held company that was formed in 2000 and now has over 10,000 clients using LoadMaster products around the world. Having constantly reported profits during the whole of its history, KEMP Technologies has maintained a steady expansion to become a global player with regional offices in America, Europe and most recently in 2012 opened a regional HQ in Asia. Strategic alliances with Microsoft, Cisco and Dell ensure that KEMP Technologies will continue to grow not only in revenue but also in market share.

Our Products

KEMP Technologies concentrate on Load Balancing it’s what we do extremely well and we are not distracted into other solutions. Focus is key to being a market leader and we believe we have this precision focus in load balancing technology that makes us a highly successful company.

Our products can be divided into 3 solutions:

Load Balancer Appliances

Virtual Load Balancers

Geographic Load Balancers

LM2200 VLM-100 Geo LoadMaster
LM2600 VLM-1000

All of these products are available in High Availability mode to ensure business continuity at all times.

KEMP Technologies Italian team

Marco Bindi and Chris Heyn make up KEMP Italia, between them they bring a combined 35 years of experience in delivering leading edge network infrastructure technology to Italy. In the current economically difficult times Chris and Marco look for technology that actually saves end users money and makes their businesses and operations more efficient.

KEMP Technologies products do just that and so the Italian resellers and end users have welcomed the availability of these products in the Italian market available from Italian Distributors since January 2012. The first challenge for Marco and Chris was to find suitable distributors and then give Italian resellers who want to be trained, certified and recognized by KEMP Technologies access to free comprehensive technical training.

Marco and Chris said “having started the training program a year ago it has been a great success, we now have recruited our first KEMP Centers that are operational and offer expert network infrastructure and load balancing consulting and services. Also we have a number of KEMP Authorized Partners who are fully certified to respond to all end user requirements and recommend the right KEMP products to respond to our end users demands. ” Marco concluded by saying “that a the training and certification courses can take place using webinars they are ideal for very busy technicians who don’t have time to travel across Europe to get their certificates”.

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