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Kemp Load Balancing Available for Orange Business Services Flexible Engine

Like many other organizations, you’ve recognized the appeal of the public cloud and migrated at least some of your apps and services there. Now, you may pause and think, “Is everything running as crisply as it’s supposed to?” 

Because here’s the thing – company operations will often depend on applications delivered by multiple servers, which are often spread across several clouds and private data centers. And, as your business grows, your user community will likely expand in size and diversity, compounding the challenge of ensuring user requests are being processed optimally.

50+ public cloud features boosted by the Kemp load balancer

Public cloud providers like Orange Business Services believe in scalability and customizability. Flexible Engine is an open and secure public cloud platform provided by OBS and is remarkable by providing customers a rich offering of 50+ IaaS and PaaS features coupled with simple and intuitive deployment of Elastic Cloud Servers (virtual machines).  

If you are a subscriber, the exciting news is that Kemp cloud load balancing is now a supported part of Flexible Engine. This means you can create a cloud infrastructure across multiple sites or zones and run your business from the cloud with application resilience, security and performance that is backed by world-class multi-cloud load balancing infrastructure and industry-leading customer support. 

Advanced load balancing in a simplified package

The Kemp LoadMaster in the Flexible Engine public cloud offers a rich and easy-to-manage load balancing design for any cloud-hosted workload.

Here is how: 

  • You can host multiple sites on one cloud load balancer because LoadMaster has no practical limit on the number of certificates or certificate chains and supports multiple certificates on a single IP.
  • LoadMaster has better persistence thanks to supporting Source IP and cookies (and combinations).
  • You won’t have to manage an ELB per every application you have, as a single LoadMaster instance can support multiple apps.
  • LoadMaster natively provides status and monitoring in the web UI without 3rd-party tools. Plus it can use API to provide statistics, status, and log files to external systems if needed.
  • LoadMaster includes support for all major authentication services, SSO, and custom login forms, all this being configured from the UI.

In other words, you get consistency in operation and performance, session persistence for apps to run across multiple servers with ease, and app performance optimization with minimum effort. It pays off because you also get to save resources elsewhere.  

For instance, you can offload SSL processing and pre-authenticate user connections on the load balancer and free up the server. Plus, there is the reduced cost of protecting apps by the built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF). 

Last but not least, if there is a problem, you can connect with Kemp’s world-class support experts any time, any day. Kemp delivers an advanced full-featured load balancing solution that simplifies the operational overhead of managing your application delivery infrastructure.

Try it out and see for yourself

LoadMaster is available from the Flexible Engine solution catalog here.
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