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KEMP is Going on a Field Trip to Networking Field Day 16

KEmp Networking Field Day 16

Next week we’ll be heading to Networking Field Day 16, September 13-15. Networking Field Day brings together innovative IT product vendors and thought leaders in the field to discuss opinions and different points of view about topics that matter. The audience includes bloggers, speakers, writers and podcasters from across various parts of the technology universe who help to make companies’ products better as well as provide informed views and guidance to IT practitioners. We’re super excited about the opportunity to participate in this forum and engage with the independent thought leaders attending, both to educate and gain valuable feedback.

In our session, from 10:30 – 12:30 US Pacific Time on Thursday, September 15th we’ll be discussing modern application delivery and how the challenges around elasticity and visibility can be addressed. We’re going to deep dive on how to build a seamless application delivery fabric that can scale and respond to the requirements that you and your customers have. We’ll also chat about methodologies available to be predictive and preemptive when it comes to dealing with application user experience issues that develop over time. You’ll be able to catch the live web stream here.

Our session will be presented by two of our Cloud & Application Delivery experts.

Micheál Higgins serves as a Principal Technical Product Manager at KEMP Technologies with a focus on Cloud Computing. Micheál brings 10+ years of experience in Cloud Computing and before joining KEMP, was head of Enterprise Solutions Architecture at CloudSigma, managed his own company and worked for Dell and Netscape. He holds a master’s degree in Particle Physics from San Diego State University.

Kurt Jung is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at KEMP Technologies. He works hands on with many technologies around application delivery and how to position these in today’s market. Kurt also works closely with key alliance partners to further strengthen the synergy. Prior to KEMP, Kurt has spent most of his career working as a consultant helping customers deploy on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to support their business.
In case you don’t get a chance to catch the live stream, the recording will be made available after the event as well.
For those interested in learning how to become a delegate for a Tech Field Day event you can contact the organizers here

If you’re in Silicon Valley that week and would like to schedule a meeting with Kurt and Micheál let us know on twitter @KEMPtech.

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