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KEMP HTTP/2 Technical Preview

Over the last few months, our KEMP Technology Innovation Team has been working hard on an update to our HTTP/2 technical preview. The technical preview implements HTTP/2 optimizations, such as request pipelining and request multiplexing. Request multiplexing reduces the request load on backend servers which results in a significantly improved end user experience when using a client with HTTP/2 support.


HTTP/2 works with a number of LoadMaster features, including content switching, content caching, advanced persistence, header injection, and the Web Application Firewall (WAF).HTTP2

The HTTP/2 preview may not completely reflect the features and capabilities that will ship in a GA release. The goal of our technical previews is to quickly get newer technologies into the hands of you, our customer, with the hope that we’ll be able to learn from your usage and obtain insights from your feedback. If you use the HTTP/2 technical preview and want to provide feedback, please email us.


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