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Kemp Turns Up Customer Engagement To 11

Nearly 20 years ago, Kemp entered the application delivery scene with a focus on easy to use products built through customer-centric development. Fast forward, and we now have more than 100,000 global deployments across thousands of customer application use cases. Engagement with our customer community has been the key to the success we have had to date.

To further enhance the channels for customer collaboration, we’ve launched a new Technical Preview Program that will allow us to increase interaction with customers around new technology capabilities, increase awareness of architectures and use cases they are leveraged in, and give our customers a direct way to influence our development roadmaps.

You can expect to see capabilities and integrations centered around cloud, security, automation and container integration use cases in addition to extensions of core load balancer functionality. These will be optimized for testing in lab and pre-production environment with a focus on validation of the nuances of customer architectures and use cases. By creating a channel for early access feedback we’re confident that we will be to accelerate the co-creation of innovative and relevant solutions to help our customers address emerging application experience (AX) challenges.  

By participating in our technical previews, you’ll get access to content enabling you to effectively test the capabilities in your environment as well as direct engagement with our Product Strategy team members, who will work to provide you with needed support and feedback as you step through the process.

To get things kicked off for 2020, some of the features being rolled out as part of the Technical Preview Program are:

Kemp Ansible Module which enables automated configuration management for LoadMaster.
Status: Active and Available for Signup at https://kemp.ax/techpreviews/ansible/

Kubernetes Service Controller enables automated linking and publishing of services in a Kubernetes microservices environment.
Status: Planned for public Tech Preview availability in March 2020

Puppet Configuration Automation enabling configuration management and state validation of Kemp load balancers using the Puppet framework.
Status: Planned for public Tech Preview availability in Q2 2020

Dynamic Cloud-Based Auto-Scaling for optimizing auto-scale operations in cloud infrastructures such as MS Azure and AWS.
Status: Planned for public Tech Preview availability in Q3 2020

This presentation on the Technical Preview Program dives into the strategy and purpose for this offering.

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