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Kemp on Cloud Nine – Recap of 2019

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The first few months of 2019 have been an exciting time at Kemp. We realize everyone else has been busy too, so here’s a quick round up of 2019 happenings so far.

Investor Change

At the start of April, we were excited to announce that we had partnered with private equity firm Mill Point Capital and that Kemp would be fully acquired as part of the agreement. The arrangement will allow Kemp to continue with our growth and technology roadmap, but now with the backing of Mill Point Capital.

Ray Downes, CEO of Kemp, commented:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mill Point and are excited about their commitment to our ongoing development efforts and future growth opportunities. I am very proud of the strong technology foundation we have built and look forward to continuing our world-class innovation and service that is helping customers deliver an optimal application experience.”

New Kemp Branding

In February we released a fresh new look for our brand across all media. The new Kemp brand reflects how we empower enterprises and service providers to deliver an “always-on” application experience (AX) to their customers and users. For Kemp, this means applications are always available, always secure and always performing at an optimal level. Our CMO, Tony Thompson writes about our new Kemp brand identity is aligned with application experience.

Outstanding Application Experience

Delivering applications has moved beyond traditional load balancing, application delivery controllers and networks. These are still essential but ways of deploying, monitoring, licensing, and analyzing have evolved. They all need to work together to deliver the best Application Experience (AX) for everyone accessing IT apps and services.

Kemp is an AX company at its core, and all our products and services are designed to deliver the best of breed application user experience. As part of the branding and marketing changes introduced this year, we also started a process to educate CIOs and their teams about the need to think at an application experience level.

Kemp 360 Central Advances

Updates and new features in our automation and management platform, Kemp 360 Central, pushed application experience to new heights. In February we delivered the 2.0 release of Kemp 360 Central and then in late March followed up with a 2.1 feature release. Highlights of the releases in 2019 so far have been:

  • Deploy preconfigured LoadMaster load balancer instances to hypervisors or the cloud
  • Quick Mode deployment for various applications
  • Auto-deployment to VMware Environments
    • VMware ESXi fully supported
  • Cloning of existing LoadMaster profiles for new load balancer instances

See the full release notes on these highlights, plus many more features and changes.

LoadMaster Software Updates

Our hyper-performance LoadMaster software was updated with version in February. Highlights include:

  • Changes to support special characters in LDAP strings
  • Changes to support the new branding.

Full release notes.

Recent Blog Posts

Our blog is a resource worth visiting regularly to stay up to date with all things Kemp related. Here are some recent posts you may be interested in:

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This has been a quick recap of early 2019 at Kemp. Keep an eye on our website, blog, social media and YouTube channels to stay up to date.

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