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KEMP Announces New Github Presence

GitHub AnnouncementToday, KEMP has reached another proud milestone and is pleased to announce that we now have a public presence on Github, the popular social coding community. As many will already be familiar with Github, it provides organizations and users with the ability to create communities around projects. Having a presence will enhance our discoverability and enable us to obtain user feedback, code samples, questions, and improvements.

The first project that we’re publishing is our Python API SDK. The Python SDK makes it easy to use python to communicate with our LoadMaster RESTful API, simplifying the overall management and orchestration that our customers and prospects have asked for. Additionally, the Python SDK opens up limitless opportunities for building tools on top of the LoadMaster API like cloning a virtual service, A/B testing, continuous deployment, blue-green deployment, uploading templates, user management, auto-licensing, configuring real servers, virtual services, geolocations and much more.

We choose to host the project on Github because of its popularity among the developer community. Over the coming months, we plan on adding more projects to our Github site and are excited to share this news with our KEMP family. If you have thoughts or feedback about our Github presence, please reach out to us on twitter @KEMPTech, we’d love to hear from you.

What are some of the things you can do with LoadMaster and automation?

Contains the basic capabilities available in all LoadMaster products

  • Patching
  • General parameter control
  • Rebooting
  • Licensing
  • User and password management
  • Logs/Diagnostics
  • Backup/Restore
  • Stats
  • Network Management

Contains L4/L7 ADC Logic

  • Virtual Services
  • SubVSs
  • Real Servers
  • Content Rules
  • Certificates
  • Cipher Suites
  • Templates
  • SSO Management
  • WAF Rule Download
  • Adaptive Parameter Control
  • Healthcheck Parameter Control
  • SDN Controller

Contains DNS Load Balancer logic

  • FQDNs
  • Sites
  • Clusters
  • IP Ranges
  • Custom Location
  • IP Blacklist Download
  • DNSSEC Management

Meta-subclass of both LoadMaster and GEO and allows control of both sets of functionality within one object.

  • Objects
  • VirtualService
  • RealServer
  • BaseACLObject
  • GlobalACL
  • VirtualServiceACL
  • Template
  • Rule
  • SSO
  • Fqdn
  • Site
  • Cluster
  • Range
  • CustomLocation
  • CipherSet
  • Certificate
  • IntermediateCertificate
  • Interface

If you’d like to try the SDK out yourself, check out our getting started blog post.

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