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Fueling R&D and Indian subcontinent business growth with Lithops acquisition

It’s an exciting time for Kemp, having just closed 2019 with record global revenue and profits, we have also announce the acquisition of Lithops Technologies, a top developer of application networking and network security solutions and services based in New Delhi, India.

I was fortunate to engage with Lithops and their president Ritesh Agrawal about three years ago in New Delhi, and I was thoroughly impressed with the company’s level of experience and knowledge in load balancing and application delivery. They understand the importance of these technologies for delivering always-on, always-secure application experience (or AX) across any type of infrastructure, from data centers to hyperscale multi-cloud environments. I’m pleased we have maintained an excellent relationship over the past few years, and now the timing has aligned for our businesses to come together. Kemp India pty will included an expanded R&D charter and a number of other key functions such as technical support, operations and a territory sales management team for the Indian subcontinent. The first new hires are already in progress and its exciting for the team to move into their new premisis in the a matter of days time. I look forward to visting in person for the official opening at the end of February.

This represents the first acquisition for Kemp since our new ownership under New York based Private Equity firm Mill Point Capital was announced last April. The talented and experienced team at Lithops could not be joining Kemp at a more exciting time. We are realizing global growth and increasing demand for our products, and with the addition of the Lithops, I am confident we will further ramp our innovations in application experience.

Our team is thrilled to have Lithops president Ritesh Agrawal join Kemp as director of engineering. He and the entire Lithops staff, now Kempers, will help grow our technical organization in India with a target of doubling our R&D footprint in-country by the end of 2020.

But as stated earlier R&D is only half the story. In conjunction with this news and on the heels of record growth across APAC, we have hired  Deepak Kumar as our first general manager of India operations. Deepak joins Kemp with 17 years of management and operational experience in the region. Reporting to Kemp’s vice president of people and quality Marguerite Leen, he will focus on building the Kemp organization in India. One of the first key hires under recruitment right now is that of our first Territory Sales Manager. Exciting times indeed.

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