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A Single Pane of Glass for KEMP LoadMaster, F5, NGINX, haProxy and AWS ELB

Many organizations today rely on a mix of load balancers from more than just one vendor. No longer the preserve of Enterprises, many lines of business and application owners may choose their own load balancer for each application and use case. As businesses consider migrating, consolidating or just refreshing their hardware and virtual infrastructure, it can become difficult to know just how much capacity is available and to what extent it is being utilized. Many vendors do provide a User Interface showing throughput usage and memory/CPU utilization in real-time and over time but seeing that same data across a number of ADC’s is very difficult, especially when you include multiple vendors.

KEMP 360 Central brings a single pane of glass to help manage and reduce complexities and questions in increasingly complex environments. In the past under-utilization may not have been a problem – but as application owners consider migrating into private, hybrid and public cloud, provisioning the right capacity can be an expensive guess. Armed with KEMP 360 usage reporting, not only can you see real-time usage across different vendors, you can see peak usage over a period of time, helping to provision the right capacity in the right places.
KEMP 360 Central currently supports the following 3rd party ADCs:

And of course, our own KEMP LoadMaster ADC series.

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