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KEMP 360 Vision: A Perfect APM Partner

Today’s applications are often made up of scores of interacting components and services, virtualized, containerized and spread across hybrid and multi-clouds. With such an amorphous architecture and the constant change that comes from digital transformation, it can be a challenge to maintain application performance and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks.

Many organizations have turned to application performance management (APM) tools to get a handle on performance and trace the root cause of application issues. APM tools usually include the following functions.

  • End User Experience Monitoring to detect and address issues that affect the application user
  • Runtime application architecture, discovery, modeling and display to identify interacting application components and any performance bottlenecks among them
  • Business Transaction Monitoring to examine the flow of transactions across application components and address any transaction issues
  • Component Deep Dive Monitoring to look more closely at issues that have been identified
  • Analytics to make sense of the data generated by APM tools and provide guidance on correct response

Working Together

APM is a useful IT toolset, but it can be complex to use and may test the level of application expertise within the IT department of an average enterprise. Many applications today rely on multiple application delivery controllers (ADC’s) to monitor application health and ensure that requests are sent to servers best able to handle them. Enterprises can find it challenging to monitor how their apps are performing, time taken to process customer requests, the perceived experience users have with a service, application firewalls, and other services offered by ADC infrastructures built on technology from several different vendors.

We offer an invaluable, complimentary service – KEMP 360 Vision℠ – to help identify application bottlenecks, get to the root cause of application performance issues and resolve them fast, before they have an impact on your business.

The service and our support team monitor and gather key performance and availability metrics from all KEMP ADC infrastructure on a 24 by 7 basis. This is backed by our extensive application expertise gained from over 40,000 deployments worldwide and the experienced gained from the daily handling of application issues since 2000. KEMP 360 Vision identifies and isolates application issues that you might miss and resolves them quickly before they have a business impact. The service leverages our support staff’s experience and expertise gained from over 40,000 deployments to configure rules that trigger alerts and actions to address small application issues before they become big issues.

Burning Issues

The preemptive side to KEMP 360 Vision complements rather than replaces APM. It pulls data points from your app,network and load balancer and uses the knowledge we have codified into the service, to determine where issues may be developing, sharing that insight with you, along with guidance on how these issues can be prevented.

Sometimes issues will happen and when they do the KEMP 360 Vision service will give you the right application delivery insight and context to focus in on the right data points to solve them. Complex infrastructure, distributed responsibilities and insufficient data on failure scenarios lead to delay in root cause analysis. This service collects application availability, reachability and performance metrics to slash mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTTR). Fill in the gaps to enhance your IT department’s application expertise while your business continues to function and generate revenue.


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