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KEMP 360 Central™ Release – 1.14 Now Generally Available

KEMP 360 Central™ Release – 1.14 Now Generally Available

KEMP 360 Central was designed to provide centralized configuration management, monitoring, and visibility for customer’s end-to-end application delivery fabric. Over the past several releases the capabilities in KEMP 360 Central have continued to grow to meet the needs of our customers and partners across multiple use cases.

Multi-Vendor Management

Many organizations today take a multi-vendor approach to building out their infrastructure. This helps to mitigate certain risks associated with vendor lock-in, provide a competitive environment that can be used to their advantage and enable best-of-breed benefits. In order to support this approach, KEMP 360 Central capabilities were extended last year to support F5 Big-IP, NGiNX, HAProxy and AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). This provides customers with control and insight on their entire application delivery infrastructure when leveraging multiple vendors.

Licensing Models

Over the past 12 months, we’ve discovered an increasing number of requirements from our community regarding alternatives to traditional approaches for licensing, consumption and scaling of application environments. Cloud architecture principles mean planning for the peaks of usage but building for the troughs. In order to address this set of requirements across enterprise customers and service providers, we’ve developed a variety of models beyond traditional perpetual or cloud pay-as-you-go licensing to enable on-demand scale-in and out of services while controlling costs. These models are enabled through KEMP 360 Central as the key point of management and control. You can get more details about this Here.

Simplified Application Migration and Multi-Cloud Management

With multi-cloud environments becoming more and more prevalent, moving applications across different parts of the connected infrastructure is also becoming a popular use case. Establishing cloud interconnectivity and getting applications to the right place is often one of the biggest challenges with multi-cloud. Our LoadMaster load balancer provides a simple packaged way for connectivity by providing IPsec VPN capabilities that support both Azure and AWS VPN gateways. KEMP 360 Central helps with moving application services to the right place with a feature called Virtual Service Motion. This provides a simple way to clone or migrate virtual application services hosted in one part of your cloud infrastructure (e.g. Hyper-V or ESXi) to another part of your infrastructure to another part (e.g. AWS or Azure) via an intuitive UI or programmatically via our REST API. This functionality supports DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) use cases, migration of applications from part of a hybrid cloud deployment to another as well as fully orchestrated environments where services are regularly moved to optimize performance and costs. See a demo video of our Virtual Service Motion capabilities Here.

What’s New in v1.14
KEMP 360 Central 1.14 is now generally available and can be downloaded from https://kemptechnologies.com/kemp360-central-download/. This release provides performance enhancements for larger deployments and introduces High Availability to KEMP 360 Central. With these newly added HA capabilities, two instances of KEMP 360 Central can be paired together to provide resilience and remove single points of failure.

Full release notes can be found at https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/214502183

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