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Join the JAVA API Wrapper Program

Java API WrapperFor any medium to large deployment of KEMP LoadMaster load balancers, it is impractical to provision, manage and monitor each instance individually. So, customers require a method to automate orchestration, management and monitoring of LoadMaster farms. Although each KEMP LoadMaster may be configured using the Web User Interface (WUI), we also provide support for a comprehensive set of APIs, allowing LoadMaster to be integrated into any custom environment and set of management tools. We currently support:

As an extension to these capabilities in release 7.1-28, KEMP is introducing a new Java API wrapper. Orchestration frameworks that are Java based and use the Java API library are now able to provision, operate and monitor KEMP LoadMaster through this wrapper. Connecting through RESTful API, the wrapper sends HTTP commands using Java and parses the XML response.


To use this feature download the LoadMaster Java API .jar file. The Java library uses the Simple Logging Façade for Java (SLF4J) so it is possible to use any logger framework of your choice, by adding the particular binding from www.slf4J.org to the project. This results in the library using the appropriate logger.

All tasks normally performed through the WUI will need to be performed through the API. Therefore, initial start-up tasks such as the accepting the EULA and licensing the unit are also available through this wrapper. Take care to ensure they are executed in sequential order. Here are some examples to show calling the LoadMaster API from Java –

1. Create a new API object using legitimate LoadMaster user credentials:

LoadMasterAPI lm = new LoadMasterAPI("", null, "bal", "2fourall");

2. Add a new virtual service to the LoadMaster being configured:

LoadMasterResponse lr = lm.AddVirtualService("", "80", "tcp");

3. Display a virtual service that is already configured on a LoadMaster.

lr = lm.ShowVirtualService("", "443", "tcp");

4. Show all LoadMaster statistics:

lr = lm.ShowStats();

KEMP prides itself in delivering customer flexibility. Our commitment to this concept is further demonstrated by extending the API capabilities of LoadMaster to provide support for the Java API wrapper. Customers not only have a choice of deploying KEMP as an appliance, on bare-metal, on their favorite hypervisor or in the cloud, but now also have flexibility when configuring, managing and monitoring their deployments.

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