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HP Questionnaire at Discover 2014

At the recent HP Discover event in Las Vegas, Kemp Technologies conducted a survey on what 2014 IT initiatives were considered most important for attendees.

The issue of application availability came out on top with 28% of respondents having it as their top initiative. Of course, we can allow for some bias as the respondents were completing the survey at our booth, but it is significant that for many, running a resilient business application environment is a priority.

As users, we have become spoiled  by 24/7 access to Facebook, Twitter and Google. This expectation for always available applications is creating challenges for IT managers who are trying to match the service levels of these giant organizations, often with considerably less resources.

The challenge of application availability is achieving the balance between the benefits gained and the resource and effort deployed. Load balancers are a key part of improving application delivery and are one of the core technologies to cost effectively increase service uptimes and to easily deliver applications that span multiple servers and data centres.




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