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Free Webinar – Integrating Microsoft Azure Applications


Join KEMP and Microsoft for a Microsoft Azure featured customer case study on how Unigo was able to merge two websites with different code bases into one easily, quickly, and at their own schedule without complex code-level integration. Hear how KEMP and Azure turned what is traditionally an engineering effort into an operational one with a solution that was completed in under a week.

Unigo found the Layer 7 traffic management switching capability that let them combine Umbraco’s search capability and WordPress’s matching capabilities into one seamless experience for their customer. This allowed Unigo to present their customer one URL and optimize their SEO efforts.


Unigo provides current and future college students cutting-edge tools, compelling content, and essential information, empowering students to make the best decisions about their college experience. Unigo needed to figure out the simplest way to integrate a newly acquired firm’s web application without having to actually merge its codebase with the preexisting unigo.com site. It turned to KEMP for a solution


Since both applications were powered by Microsoft Azure Web Apps, Unigo turned to the Azure Marketplace and discovered KEMP’s Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) for Azure and its layer 7 content switching capabilities. KEMP and Azure let Unigo unify its two independently developed and managed web application environments under the unigo.com URL. In the process, VLM for Azure transformed the way Unigo manages the life cycle of its web apps, allowing changes to be implemented and rolled back, in minutes.


Microsoft Azure and KEMP enable Unigo to deliver the combined functionality of different apps as a unified end-user experience. KEMP and Azure allow Unigo to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) through its primary domain name/URLs without code-level integration.

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