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Focus on Digital Transformation, not Application Uptime

digital transformation KEMP F5 CitrixFor organizations in just about any industry today, staying competitive requires continuous innovation and digital transformation. Unfortunately, with limited budgets, IT and application managers often find it difficult to focus necessary resources on digital transformation projects while maintaining and troubleshooting the applications and infrastructure the business relies on today. Continual innovation and change can also lead to more frequent application issues.

Application delivery controllers (ADC’s) play a critical role in server and application uptime, redirecting requests from overloaded or failed servers to other servers automatically when necessary. However, the root of an application issue is often more mysterious than CPU overload or a downed server. Understanding the issue and addressing it before it has a business impact can require considerable network and application expertise. That’s where a preemptive ADC monitoring service such as KEMP 360 Vision can be a big help.
A preemptive ADC monitoring service monitors and troubleshoots customer ADC’s and the applications they drive on a 24 by 7 by 365 basis, applying resources and experience many organizations lack to detect and address application and infrastructure issues before they occur.

For example, KEMP 360 Vision and staff helped a customer identify a backup process swamping the network, preventing users from reaching a Web site at around midnight every night. By suggesting the customer move backup to another network, the access issue was resolved before a support call ever came in. For another organization, KEMP 360 Vision detected Microsoft Exchange users re-authenticating more than necessary. With its application expertise, the KEMP staff identified an unbalanced workload across application servers and a misconfiguration flag as the culprits, notifying the customer how to address the issue so users could stay productive.

Among KEMP’s competition, F5 lacks an ADC monitoring service and Citrix’s Infrastructure monitoring service focuses exclusively on Citrix solutions. KEMP 360’s differentiator is that it’s ADC agnostic, so it can detect and address issues across all your ADC’s and applications. You can then devote more IT resources to the digital transformation projects that maintain your organization’s competitive position.

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