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Erdal Ozkaya’s Standing room only talk at Teched Australia. :)

Erdal Ozkaya

We were delighted yesterday to see Erdal Ozkaya’s talk being standing room only at TechEd Australia. Erdal is our Australia New Zealand Director and a super smart guy.

Dark side of Social Networking

Erdal’s talk was about the “Dark side of Social Networking”. Read the blurb below

Social networking has changed the way we interact on a global scale. On the surface it lets us make new friends and business contacts. But, what of the darker side of Social Networking? How do you protect your business or yourself and your family from predators, Cyberbullies, scammers, stalkers, and other cyber-criminals? In this sometimes shocking and thought provoking deep dive, we take a dark journey into the very heart of Facebook and other platforms to discover how they really work, as well as offer tips, tricks, and practical advice on Social Networking Security.

Here’s a (very short) video of the packed room. Click here…

Find out more about Erdal here on his personal blog.

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