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Erdal Ozkaya, KEMP – Regional Director ANZ, Speaking at TechEds North America and Europe on Windows User Access Control (UAC)

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Erdal Ozkaya

Our very own Erdal Ozkaya is going to be speaking at the Microsoft Tech Ed Event in both North America and Europe. Erdal will be partnering with “Nextpert” Raymond Comvalius. (His blog :http://nextpert.com/) to deliver an expert informational talk about Windows User Access Control (UAC).

So what are they going to cover?

Over to Erdal.

“As we all know there was a debut in Windows Vista, but after Windows Vista, User Account Control (UAC) has had major improvements. But because of the “bad experience which “we” had in Windows Vista , even today lots of people tend to turn UAC off. (not a good idea) In Windows 8 User Account Control is here to stay. Raymond and I will highlight why some applications still requesting elevation? Can we still turn off User Account Control in Windows 8 and/or should we? Our session will demonstrate how User Account Control is a part of Windows 8 and how Modern UI Apps are affected. Demos will show how security-related compatibility issues caused by legacy applications can be analysed and what solutions are available to fix them by yourself. Our session has an overview of potential issues and what tools can enable you to take control over both legacy applications and web applications accessed by Windows Internet Explorer 10.”

Come and Meet us

Microsoft TechED North America

Come see us at Booth #2219


June 3rd to 6th

New Orleans Morial Convention Center,

New Orleans, Louisiana


Microsoft TechED Europe

Come see us at Booth #107


June 25th to 28th

IFEMA Feria de Madrid Convention Centre,

Madrid, Spain



If you are coming along do get in touch beforehand and we’ll try and arrange to meet you.

Excellent Event for Networking

TechEd is a superb event and there will be lot’s of networking opportunities. You can meet the Product team from Microsoft, valuable vendors and sponsors, and ask all the questions you might have and talk to them face to face.

Also you can attend sessions such us Erdal and Raymonds or check the Microsoft TechEd websites to see all the sessions.

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